Ayurvedic Multi Specialty Medical College Hospital With Affordable Rates


1. E.S.I Corporation empanelled hospital. The first private ayurvedic medical college hospital with cashless treatment for E.S.I Corporation employees, pensioners and dependents.
2. Speciality clinics supervised by senior ayurveda physicians with operation theatre, x-ray, lab, E.C.G.
3. Highly trained and well experienced ayurveda therapists.
4. G.M.P accredited exclusive medicine manufacturing unit for hospital.
5. Ayursoukhyam- Free treatment for economically poor patients.
6. Calm, Quiet and Non polluted atmosphere.
7. Green Leaf certificate from Kerala Tourism Department.
8. A/C, Non A/C Rooms.


The acharyas of ancient India with their untiring effort developed ayurveda for the management of health. Advanced treatment methods based on tridosha sidhantha were developed by great ayurvedic scholars for each new challenging disease and this procedure is being followed althrough.

Ayurveda - Future

Our body as well as the nature around us is panchabhoutika. The vision of ayurveda is that the diseases caused due to the excess and shortage of these panchamahabhutas can be cured by the herbal drugs available in nature which are also panchabhoutika. This simple method of treatment is an alternative for the most complicated modern medicine.

Some Ayurvedic Treatments

1. Udvarthanam

The word UDVARTHANA refers to elevation, upward strokes during massage. The herbal powders rubbed upwards onto the body is called udvarthanam. This ayurvedic powder massage is done in seven body positions by rubbing and massaging with pressure for a specific period and reduces cellulite and excess fat accumulation under the subcutaneous tissues of the skin. This revitalizes the touch sense, improve peripheral blood circulation, removes toxins from the body etc.

2. Abhyangam

Massaging by specially made oil by mixing different medical herbs is called abhyangam. The number of strokes and pressure vary with the condition of the individual. This massage is indicated daily to prevent ageing and degeneration. This stimulating treatment increases blood circulation, which in turn encourages quick removal of metabolic wastes, while providing relief to diseases such as anxiety, fatigue, circulatory disorders, arthritic problems, backaches and injuries

3. Kizhi

Heated herbs, oils, powders, and other prescribed materials are tied into muslin or linen bags to form boluses. These kizhi are then massaged with varying degrees of pressure on different body parts, with special focus on areas where the marma- or nerve points – are located. This treatment is suggested for Osteoarthritis, Arthritis with swelling, Spondilosis, sports injuries etc.

4. Pizhichil

This is a combination of oil massage and heat treatment. A gentle, synchronized massage is carried out under a constant flow of warm herbal oil. Pizhichil protects the body from illnesses and builds up immunity for a healthy life. It is very useful for rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, sexual weakness, neurological disorders, blood pressure, nervous weakness and helps to arrest the aging process. Also effective for paraplegia, hemiplegia and general debility.

5. Thalam

Warm medicated oil is retained over the head for a certain amount of time. Herbs and oil are boiled in a special way in order to extract their full medicinal properties. This nourishes the nerve endings and prepares the body for the main treatment. This treatment is highly effective for facial paralysis, dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches, burning sensation of head.

6. Nasyam

Herbal extracts, medicated oils etc. are applied through the nose drop by drop for the time. Excess of bodily humors accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas is removed through this process by means of the nearest possible opening which is the nose. It is highly effective for certain kinds of Headaches, Paralysis, Mental disorders, Pre-mature graying of hair, clarity to voice, Headaches of various origin, Hemiplegia, Loss of smell and taste.

7. Sirodhara

Herbal liquids poured on the forehead with the help of the metallic or mud pot from a specific height. The liquids that are used in Shirodhara can include herbal oils, milk that is medicated, buttermilk, and coconut water. Sirodhara enhances blood circulation to the brain, improves memory, sharpens the sense organs, prevents hair lose, premature graying and cracking of hair, gives strength to the neck and head, assists in providing sound sleep and calms the body and mind. It is one of the most effective treatments for reducing stress and nervous tension.

Our Speciality Treatments

1. Diabetes
2. Backpain
3. Sinusitis
4. Migraine
5. Allergy, Asthma
6. Hemiplegia
7. Viral Fevers
8. Jaundice
9. Piles, Fissure, Fistula
10. Psoriasis
11. Ante Natal and Post Natal Care
12. Dengue
13. Hepatitis-B
14. Skin Diseases
15. Insomnia
16. Mental Stress
17. Pediatric Diseases
18. Hair Falls
19. Obesity
20. Urinary Diseases
21. Parkinsonism
22. Arthritis(Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatic Fever,
Gouty arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis)
23. Infertility……..etc


Kaya Chikitsa :- (General Medicine)
Salyathanthram :- (Surgery/Marma)
Kaumarabruthyam :- (Peadiatrics)
Svasthavrutham :- (Yoga + Naturopathy)
Salakyathanthra :- (E.N.T, Opthalmology)
Prasoothithanthra :- (Gynaecology)

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